Mission Statement

One Bite, One Smile, Thats All!” The mission of Freeze Cream is to create smiles that last just as long as memories. Embracing the diversity of our customers, our community, and ourselves. To create a wholesome product for the people while spreading love, compassion, and service for others. Over at Freeze Cream, your limitation is only your imagination.

Geoegia’s First Rolled Ice Cream Company

Prepare yourself to not only be amazed but delighted “Right Before Your Eyes” it’s Freeze Cream®️!

Freeze Cream®️, LLC, was established in 2015, Freeze Cream®️ was created by Founder Eden Bay formely Douglas, Freeze Cream®️ is Georgia’s first rolled ice cream company! And now Florida’s! The Company started inside of a small gas station in Roswell to multiple locations. Freeze Cream®️ was created to highlight the happiness of treats with exceptional service as well as a healthy alternative to traditional ice cream.

Freeze Cream®️ believes in delivering exceptional service along with a product free of artificial preservatives and additives while sharing great genuine care with the customers. Freeze Cream®️ is prepared to develop and expand following up on its success by expanding its product line with snacks and smoothies. The Company will begin to package its products in containers for sale in restaurants, supermarkets, and other retail outlets. Freeze Cream®️ intends to grow more into different locations, sell licenses, and create systems for shipping and packing products.

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Token of Dedication

With a passion for helping others discover and connect, Mr Freeze Cream created Freeze Cream! Freeze Cream’s name was thought about because ice cream by definition is “a soft frozen food made with sweetened and flavored milk fat.” and Mr. Freeze Cream is lactose intolerant so he decided that he had to use an alternative to dairy, also we Freeze Cream! From asking a store manager at a gas station in 2015 if I could set up inside for a demonstration of my company to hiring over 50 employees! Overcoming challenging obstacles while opening multiple locations all over Georgia. Becoming a better person, learning and growing was just half of the things I believed I gathered from the success and failures of Freeze Cream. Through it all, God has made it possible to endure and progress! Freeze Cream represents a token of dedication to a commitment.

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“You can’t give water, if you don’t have any. You can’t give love, if you don’t have a heart to love. You can give a commitment, without giving a commitment to yourself! ”
Mr. Freeze Cream