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Why Freeze Cream ®️?

Freeze cream ®️ believes in using the least amount of ingredients as possible, as well as the best! No additives or strange ingredients can be found here!

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Geoegia’s First Rolled Ice Cream Company

Prepare yourself to not only be amazed but delighted “Right Before Your Eyes” it’s Freeze Cream®️!

Freeze Cream®️, LLC, was established in 2015, Freeze Cream®️ was created by Founder Eden Bay formely Douglas , Freeze Cream®️ is Georgia’s first rolled ice cream company! The Company started inside of a small gas station in Roswell to multiple locations. Freeze Cream®️ was created to highlight the happiness of treats with exceptional service as well as a healthy alternative to traditional ice cream.

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Catering For All Events!

We Cover all events like Weddings, Picnics, Luncheons/Dinners, Baby Showers, Birthdays, Family Reunions, Celebrations, Bridal Showers, Anniversaries, Business Meetings, Special Events, Social Gatherings
We know a thing or two about frozen treats and a fun time (vegan Non-Dairy desserts, of course). Let our reviews tell it all: A Freeze Cream party is one of the more epic ways to make a gathering memorable.

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Freeze Cream ever made
Shops around the world
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What Freeze Cream Logo Mean

🔹️ The Bear Paw represents the spirit animal🐻Strength, Pride, Family, Balance and Intelligence
🔹️The snowflake represents Commitment. After 8 years of working Freeze Cream it’s not just a frozen dessert it’s a token of dedication
🔹️A Movement ❄

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